METEL danas

Od osnivanja naše kompanije 1996. godine, naš proizvodni asortiman je pratio i uklapao se sa tehnološkim razvojem u oblasti telekomunikacionih tehnologija. Godina 2007 za nas predstavlja ogroman iskorak napred jer smo te godine započeli proizvodnju industrijskih IP uređaja. Trenutno, proizvodnja IP uređaja ima najveći udeo u ukupnoj proizvodnji i ovaj odnos se konstantno povećava. Njihove najbitnije prednosti su:

– UPRAVLJANJE DOGAĐAJIMA za podešavanje automatskih akcija

– TRAJNOST obezbeđenu prenaponskom zaštitom na svim portovima

– BEZBEDNOST koja je garantovana šifrovanom komunikacijom 

Nadamo se da će ovo uputstvo pružitii veći broj korisnih informacija koje će biti od pomoći za uspešnu implementaciju Vaših projekata.



Overvoltage is a physical phenomenon which, for various reasons and from time to time, occurs and spreads in electrical systems. The most common causes of overvoltage can be divided into:
– Atmospheric overvoltage during storms
– Overvoltage resulting from the discharge of static electricity
– Transients caused by switching on and off
– Transients occuring in the case of failures

We believe that openness and listening to our customer’s demands keep us moving forward. We therefore offer open solutions that are flexible and adapt to new requirements. In a number of building automation applications, our control system is a key integration link between security and control systems, increasing the overall usable value of installed technologies. A significant part of our portfolio consists of so-called OFF-GRID solutions powered by alternative energy sources.

Since 1996, we have been engaged in the development and production of communication devices. Our equipment can be found in a wide range of security and control systems. Our typical customers are a system integrators demanding a reliable solution with long-term reliability.

The aim of connecting separate safety and automation systems into a single system is to give each individual part additional added value. Without them, connection loses sense. METEL has long time experience in the development and production of network elements that enables such connections at the following levels:

  • Sharing of transmission lines
  • Event management
  • Visualization in integration software

The unique set of tools in the LAN-RING switches and IPLOGs PLCs allows you to set up a variety of automatic actions independent of external software. The table below provides an overview of supported inputs and outputs that can be used to set automatic actions.