TSEC danas

We research, develop and produce high-security, hi-tech devices for the security market.

We started with a disruptive innovation, developing new products based on Magnasphere, a technology that has enabled dramatically higher standards in passive perimeter protection for thousands of homes, factories, office and public spaces in Italy and abroad. We kept innovating with Coded Sensor Technology (CST), the first passive, matching-pairs, high-security magnetic contact in the world.

Our last breakthrough, just in terms of time, is the new Vibration Analysis System (VAS), a new generation of vibration detection technology that radically improves security while lowering installation
and maintenance costs. We will keep innovating, because innovation is in our DNA, and because we think it is a basic requirement of modern enterprises.

We are a young company, but we have many experienced key partners: prime clients such as large banking groups, the most important retail organizations, system integrators and security distributors. The growth and maintenance of a network of qualified partners in the security market plays a key role in our innovation process.

We are not going to stop here: together, we will create new technologies. Together, we will go beyond


Inxpect technology revolutionizes the world of volumetric protection, guaranteeing maximum security, exceptional flexibility and incredible ease of installation and configuration in a stylish and compact design. With Inxpect you can finally see without looking. Featuring an unmistakable Italian design, the MSK-101 is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy

Every security professional knows how Reed-based magnetic contacts are vulnerable to magnetic tampering.
The main issue is that Reed switches react not only to the presence of the contact’s corresponding magnet, but also to magnetic fields that come from any other direction.

Based on Magnasphere technology, CLIC V-series vibration/shock sensors use a novel magnetic principle to detect vibrations.
Like in previous technology, CLIC vibration sensors work with a sphere that reacts to movement by changing its position from its static equilibrium.
What sets this new technology apart from the competition is that fact that the sphere’s equilibrium is kept not by simple gravity or springs, but by permanent magnetic fields.